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Message from the President

K.K. Ichigo Real Estate Service not having a parent company neither belonging to any business group, is an independent real estate research firm specializing in logistics market.

We build our unique database by using a variety of methods to collect data extensively in logistics market. Also, our service could cover the cities all over Japan, including both capital cities and local cities as well. To enhance clients' performances and decrease risks when making investment decisions, we provide professional advices based on our investigation and research. We believe that the service provided by us is insightful and valuable and will meet your business needs.

Message from the president

company profile

Company Name K.K. Ichigo Real Estate Service
President Kanichi Soda
Established December 3, 2007
Office 〒143-0016
AMT Omori Bldg.6F, 2-2-10 Omorikita, Ota-ku,
Tokyo 143-0016, Japan